SAP Hana DB Overview, Features, Platform, Deployment and Administration.

By | December 10, 2016

Here, I will give the introduction & over all guides for SAP Hana Database.

Hana DB Overview :

Day by day increasingly, All type of Organizations needs to be able to handle all complex business processes in real time. They have to handle complex transactional work loads , business analytics or new generation of data mining applications. To support all these complexity, the sap launched the Sap_Hana_database platform. Which is design to help Organizations scope with the increasing rates of change. Innovation by enabling them to respond in real-time and to reduce their work complexity.

Hana-DB is an in-memory RDBMS and application platform. And designed to handle high transaction rates & complex queries using one data copy.

It is a Reinvention of database, based on technology improvements in past 30 years, research and development. It allows the build of applications that are not possible on traditional RDBMS & renewal of existing app’s like SAP-Business suite.

Hana DB features & Benefits  :

The features of Sap-Hana DB  are as follows :

  • The in-memory technology let’s users explore & analyze all transactional and analytical data in real time from virtually any data source.
  • 10×1 smaller data foot print.
  • Real time analytical processing can be perform to analyze the business operations.
  • Data can be aggregate from many applications and data sources without perturbing in any way of on-going business transactions.
  • Views of business information can be persisted in a data repository & reconstituted in case of crash.
  • Real time replication service can used to access and replicate data from SAP_ERP.
  • SQL and MDX interfaces for third party application access.
  • Reduced the costs through simplifications in hardware, maintenance and testing.
  • Simplified operations and monitoring with the  integration of basic HANA administration capabilities with admin Cockpit.

HANA DB Platform :

Sap Hana-DB Technology Partners            SAP-Hana-DB  Hardware Partners



Hana Deployment Options :

 It is a software solution that integrates with number of sap components including Hana.D.B in-memory data base system, Hana-studio , Hana DB client and Hana DB Extended Application services. These components help to improve the operational efficiency, agility and flexibility.

It requires the use of Sap certified Platforms as per above mentioned. To ensure that performance meets the sap criteria & can provide enterprise level business continuity with high availability and disaster tolerance. All Organizations considering SAP Hana Database for their high performance in-memory database & analysis needs to consider their ongoing business IT operations and processes.

For Deployment, First of all every Organization should decide the deploy option it. Like on a dedicated infrastructure (Appliance) or use their current infrastructure landscape.

Deployment options :

  1. SAP-Hana-Database ON-Premise
    • Appliance
    • TDI (Tailored Database Integration) model.
  2. SAP-Hana-Database ON CLOUD

SAP_Hana DB System Types :

The Hana system can be configure as a single-host or multi-host systems using the Hana-database Life cycle manager .

Definitions :

  • Single-Host system : One Hana-Database system on One host.
  • Multi-Host system : Multiple SAP-Hana D.B. instances distributed over multiple hosts, that means one instance per host.


Hana-D.B. Administration tools : We have several tools are available for the Administration of Hana Database.

  • Hana Database Cockpit & also offline administration.
  • Database studio.
  • Hana DB Life cycle management tools
  • Hana XS Administration tools.

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