How to Reduce the Used data of the RAM & Boost the Speed of An Android devices

By | November 13, 2016

Hey, you have an Android device and it is running very slow. Here I will give some steps and follow up those steps. So that, you can reduce the data that is used by RAM.  In general most of the Android devices having 1 to 2 GB of RAM only. Actual performance of the device depends on the free size of the RAM_Memory only. So, big companies are like 1+, Motorola, google …and etc., are try to increase their product RAM-size.

How the RAM-Memory depends on performance :

The RAM-Memory stores the temporary data as a temporarily, that means until you restart the system the data will be there. Here temporary data means, what ever you doing in your mobile, it happened in terms of some background data. Same memory structure occurs in PC’s and laptops also.

Follow up the below steps :

  • Before cleaning the data, check the data occupied by the RAM-Memory.
  • There are two ways the process data will store.
  1.  Cache
  2. Background data
  • First of all you need to clear the cache. Go to settings –>storage & USB –> choose cache.
  • Then click on OK button, to clear the cache-data.
  • Now come back to settings, then go to the App’s.
  • Now choose the app, which data is not required any more.
  • In that, select storage option and clear the data and cache.

Note : But here entire app data will delete like personal_data and login credentials.

  • Then better to restart your device. Then automatically the Used data of will be reduced.
  • So, that your system performance will increase.
  • Here, Two default app’s will take more memory than other apps like Android OS and Android System, you can observe from below images. Do not worry about that, it is the minimum requirement of android@device.ram           screenshot_20161031-124902


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