How To Avoid Electric Shock From Electronic Products/Devices at Home

By | October 7, 2016

In this present movement of the world, Innovation and sales of the electronic devices are increasing day by day. Not only in particular type of product, in all categories , the changes are going on. But most of the house holders, do not have earth connection, Am I right.

Due to this, your products are not safe and some times, your also get trouble with the electric shock. So, better to make an earth connection as soon as possible for your electronic home devices or for other.

We can make an earth connection in different ways. But actual process is little bit lengthy and also lot of things to be required. By avoiding those things, we can make it in simple manner with few things. Here, I will explain both type of processes. If you choose simple one, then you can also do it without electrician.

Simple and Easy process : 

Few things required for this process. Let’s check those things like as below mentioned items.

  1. More then one and half meter iron rod (at least one meter).
  2. Required length of copper electric wire.
  3. Water.
  4. Power tester.
  5. For better performance Additionally salt and Wood black Coal.

First of all, take a tester and check your electronic devices while running whether the body power is coming or not. Mostly if you do not have an earth connection then the tester will show the power. To neutral that power, require the earth connection.

So, Let’s start to make earth connection…

Now choose wet earth place to make an earth connection. First of  all, make small deep hole on selected earth place. Then fill the hole with water then wait some time. After that add some rough (sea) salt & black Coal Make it as loose. Then completely drop the iron rod into it by using the Hammer or anything else. Now end of the rod, make it as shine with the help of rough polishing stone.

Now take the copper wire and attach to that end of the rod.

Cover that connection with the plaster. Now open any one of electric power board with careful. And make sure, your entire home power should be off. Then only open power board, in that select socket. Every standard socket having one phase(+) line connection and one neutral (-) line connection and one ground(G) line connection. So, you need to choose ground line pin, then attach that earth connection to this pin properly and careful. That’s it, close the power board. Finally switch on the power supply.

Now once again check, electronic device with power tester. 99.99%, the body earth (shock) will not appear.

Will update soon for Actual process…


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